Eletrobras is awarded the Pro-Equality of Gender and Race Programme Seal

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On July 14th 2021, Eletrobras was awarded the Pro-Equality of Gender and Race Programme Seal. Besides the holding, the Eletrobras companies Cepel, CGT Eletrosul, Chesf, Eletronuclear, Furnas and Itaipu Binacional were also awarded at the Programme’s 6th edition, in recognition of the group’s human rights corporate commitments and practices.

Promoted by the Brazilian Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights, UN Women and International Labour Organization (ILO), the Pro-Equality of Gender and Race Programme aims at fostering new perspectives and practices for human resources and organizational culture management in order to fight discrimination and achieve diversity and equality between men, women and people of all races in the workplace. The initiative is geared to public and private companies of all sizes. Upon joining the Programme, each company must submit their current internal demographic data, and agree on a 2-year action plan to promote equality of gender and race in the organization and its value chain. Companies that successfully implement their actions plans are awarded the Programme’s Seal.

Earlier this year, Eletrobras was also awarded the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index 2021. Eletrobras’ human rights, diversity and equality commitments and practices, and the value thus created for its businesses and stakeholders, address key social issues of the ESG agenda, and are duly recognized by both the Brazilian government and the international financial market.