Net Zero Pledge and Net Zero Decarbonization Position Paper launch: Members of the Alliance commit to Net Zero ambition

Global Alliance for Sustainable Energy

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In a 60-minute webcast on 30th May, the Global Alliance for Sustainable Energy (‘Alliance’) discussed accelerating a transition to net-zero with GreenBiz.

The Alliance members Giovanni Tula, Head of Sustainability at Enel Green Power, Monica Oviedo, Iberdrola Head of Sustainability Management and Chair of Net Zero/Decarbonization Working Group of the Alliance, and Oluwadabira Abiola-Awe Student Energy’s Ventures, Capital Campaign Associate and Advisory member of the Alliance took part in a webinar moderated by Sarah Golden, VP, Energy, GreenBiz Group. The webinar presented the Alliance’s Net-Zero vision, the Net-Zero Pledge, and how stakeholders could participate.

During the webcast, a position paper by the Alliance Technical Working Group on Net Zero/Decarbonization was introduced describing both the challenges and opportunities of reducing CO2 emissions across the renewable energy supply chain. Furthermore, the position paper details strategies deployed to decarbonize the energy sector, including company-level strategies.

Additionally, the paper offers insight into both the barriers companies may face, and the supply chain climate strategies of several Alliance members.

Furthermore, the webcast gave the Alliance members the opportunity to introduce and launch the net-Zero Pledge: in an effort to lead by example, Alliance industrial members such as Enel Green Power, Iberdrola, EDP, Eletrobras, Adani Green Energy, Nordex Group, Trina Solar, Risen, JA Solar and Prysmian Group have pledged:

‘’We commit to a Net Zero ambition in line with 1.5°C reduction scenario aligned with recognized international standards and, by the end of 2023, we will publicly target and update on a yearly basis this ambition across scope 1, 2 and 3, with challenging milestones at 2030 and 2040.” 

Pushing the entire sector to commit to Net zero emission

All in all, the message at the core of the Net-Zero Position paper is that our shared commitment to achieving net zero emissions is what will drive change.

Global and independent, the Alliance welcomes all stakeholders that recognize the importance of addressing climate change according to ‘just transition’ principles, as well as the importance of promoting sustainability and social responsibility within renewable energy.

Global Alliance for Sustainable Energy – In September 2021 a group of global leaders from across the renewable energy value chain and the innovation ecosystem (civil society, academic institutions, sector’s associations, international agencies) launched the Global Alliance for Sustainable Energy (‘Alliance’).

The Alliance acknowledges that the power sector sits at the heart of the energy transition. The speed imposed to the growth of the renewable industry is challenging but paramount to the success of the Paris Agreement. The world needs to achieve net-zero by 2050, but the power sector will need to decarbonize ten years ahead and support the decarbonization of all other sectors. Within this context, the recently published position paper on Net-Zero affirms that renewables and their supply chain need to ensure full sustainability along the way.