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From a family owned entity of the 1980’s, Risen has emerged into a publicly listed corporation with global presence, by the adherence to what at first glance appear to be contradictory core values. The trichotomy of commercial gain, vs technological prowess at any cost, vs deep and wide reaching altruistic principles, have been successfully melded together without compromise, to ensure that the whole offering is greater than the sum of the parts, and allow Risen to demonstrate and expand resultant from its unique credentials.
The core of commercial gain is founded on ensuring that any external interaction shall deliver the maximum possible return on investment for both parties, in a mutually beneficial manner. This concept is so deeply ingrained within the organization that it may lead to rejection of a potential transaction if ultimately both parties are not suitably sated. Deep exploration of customers’ real needs, the “why” of their solar PV requirement, allows for delivery of additional and tangible benefits in the short and long term, which ultimately leads to success and growth.
It has long been recognized that technology development is fundamental for solar PV success. Where Risen has taken a different path however, is to ensure that such developed technologies are identified early, developed and proven, and then made production ready, but oftentimes held until the market arena is receptive and educated. In this way, manufacturing investment decisions are guided by facts rather than guesses of what may be, and indeed the ultimate developed product is more tailored to the customer’s real needs, unhindered by other technologies costs of failure in market.
Of course, solar PV is the business vehicle of Risen; but it is more than that. At a philosophical level, Risen is determined to maximize the benefit of solar PV to the widest audience. This audience includes the more obvious candidates of end users, installers EPC companies, project developers, and financiers, all from the perspective of commercial benefit, but more so, it includes end users & their local populations, universities & research institutions, employees, and indeed global future generations from the perspectives of reducing our carbon footprint, and depolluting our planet.
Constantly striving to be different in approach, and to make a lasting difference for stakeholders and observers alike, Risen continues to navigate the myriad of obstacles placed in the path of solar PV development. This journey is proving to be both challenging and rewarding, and Risen looks forwards to further destabilizing the global apathy that impedes an increase in the rate of solar PV uptake.
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We are one of the founding members. Risen has long ago identified that the major competition requiring to be overcome was not its peer solar PV companies, but the inertia of resistance to change. Countries, populations, and corporations engrossed in traditional methodologies, with vested interests in maintaining the status quo, are simply not receptive to proceeding on a different route. It has also been acknowledged, and planned for within Risen, that change will ultimately occur as a result of need and education; but how quickly will this change occur?
There are a limited number of levers an individual entity can pull to accelerate the penetration of solar PV, and indeed such levers are of varying effectiveness, and all hampered by an outsiders perception of a self-beneficial motive behind the entities declarations and actions. Further, whilst Risen is unequivocally passionate about solar PV, its reach into all required influencers and policy makers is somewhat limited in regards to relevant experience and credibility.
The Global Alliance for Sustainable Energy, embraces many of Risen’s core values, introduces complimentary values, and most importantly is constructed from categories of stakeholders that allow for both credible penetration into decision makers strongholds, and is sufficiently diverse to obviate and deflect any potential claims of self-serving interests. What is more, the tenor of the Alliance’s message is pitched in a near perfect harmony with the global desire to change the way we live. Right message, right time, right people, equals faster change.
From Risen’s perspective this is a consortium that we HAVE to be in; this is fundamentally aligned with Risen’s past, present and future.
Trust this helps and we greatly appreciate your support and assure our best products and services.

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