Environmental education for neighboring school kids at Marimbondo Dam

Recovered reservoir margins at Itaipu Dam

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Eletrobras is the largest electric utility in Latin America. We produce and transmit the energy that moves Brazil for more than five decades. Our business aims at creating value to society through access to energy – an essential resource for all productive sectors and socioeconomic development. Since our founding in 1962, we have has been building and transforming the Brazilian energy sector. In generation, our 61 power plants have 51 GW that amount to 30% of the country’s installed capacity. In transmission, our 76 thousand km of lines could circle the globe 1.5 time, and form 43% of the country’s grid. We also run the National Program of Electric Energy Conservation (Procel), and help bring energy to all corners of Brazil through the Light for All and More Light for the Amazon programs.


We are one of the founding members. We put all our energy into the sustainable development of society. 97% of our installed capacity come from clean and renewable sources. With a solid background of innovation and entrepreneurship in Brazil, we generate and transmit electricity and value for all our stakeholders and the environment. By identifying the people, resources, assets and capitals that relate to our business, and understanding the potentially positive and negative impacts of our activities, we seek to be an innovative and clean energy company, recognized for excellence, sustainability and social responsibility.

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