Student Energy volunteers at the Sustainable Energy for All Forum in 2018.

Student Energy Alumni, Kakembo Brian speaking at the 2017 Student Energy Summit in Merida, Mexico.

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Since its founding in 2009, Student Energy has grown into a global organization working with a diverse network of over 50,000 youth in 132 countries around the world. We have established regional Chapters at Universities in almost 30 countries, and have experienced a consistent demand of over 1000+ on our program waitlists. Student Energy works with governments, companies, and organizations to facilitate meaningful youth engagement and mobilize resources, coaching, and mentorship to advance youth-led energy innovation and solutions.

In June 2021 Student Energy launched the UN-Energy Compact: The Youth Solutions Movement, a commitment supported by SEforALL, UNDP, New Energy Nexus, and the Government of Denmark to directly fund and support the deployment of 10,000 youth-led clean energy solutions and train over 100,000 young people on the technical and so skills training needed to work in the growing clean energy sector. Student Energy is on track to raise USD $10 million by 2023 and $150 million by 2030 to deliver on the Solutions Movement.


We are committed to achieving the goals laid out in our UN-Energy Compact. We believe that joining the Global Alliance for Sustainable Energy is a great step toward achieving our aspirations as this alliance will allow us to be connected to a number of inspirational organizations and companies in the clean energy space.

Student Energy advocates for intergenerational collaboration and for co-creating solutions with young people, who will be most affected by decisions that are made now, and because young people can be powerful allies in building public support for climate action. Oen, many young people are not able to participate in some of the key spaces where decisions are made – whether this is at national or international conferences, or on boards and advisory committees. Even when young people are invited to participate, high financial or geographic barriers can limit which youth can access these opportunities. In joining the Alliance, we also hope to influence other members about the importance of listening to and engaging with young people around the world.

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  • North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Sarahan Africa, Greater China, the Indian Subcontinent, South East Asia and Pacific, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and South Korea.
  • Student Energy has a global network of 50,000 youth in 132 different countries. We have engaged with young people across ten major world regions.