Reduce water use and improve water quality: one of 3M's goals

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As one of the most trusted advanced manufacturing and materials companies in the world with a history spanning over 110 years, our passionate dedication to science and exploration and our ceaseless drive to understand customer need has facilitated the development of some of the most iconic products ever created.

From ubiquitous products and brands that are in use all around us, to advanced manufacturing solutions in the areas of safety, industry, mobility and healthcare, we take on challenges for a sustainable future, to create a more positive world through science by delivering innovative solutions that add value for our customers in unique and inspiring ways. At 3M, we apply science to improve lives around the world and our commitment to science includes ongoing support for the next generation of scientists and STEM education for all.


We are one of the founding members. 3M has a long-standing commitment to sustainability and it is a core value of our company. Our consistent industry leadership is evident in the establishment of our ground-breaking Pollution Prevention Pays program in 1975, which continues to thrive, as well as more recent initiatives, including our shift to renewable energy sources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing circular solutions and growing our skills-based volunteering programs. 3M recently announced it expects to invest approximately $1 billion over the next 20 years to accelerate new environmental goals: achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, reduce water use by 25% at its facilities, and return higher quality water to the environment after use in manufacturing operations.

Together with our employees, customers, partners, governments and communities, 3M is committed to a science-based, collaborative approach to solving shared global challenges and improving lives: this is our approach and aim in joining the Global Energy Alliance.

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