Human Rights and Inclusion Promotion

We are fully committed to respect internationally recognized human rights and address adverse human rights impacts in our own activities and value chain. As a global and multisectoral alliance involving companies, associations and academy, we seek to converge efforts in order to create common positions, understandings, methodologies and practices to integrate human rights management and value creation into business. We cover international legal and regulatory initiatives aimed at setting human rights standards for business and their potential constraints for companies, risk mapping for our stakeholders, human rights impacts assessment / due diligence methodologies and reporting tools and KPIs, and share our positions and results through events and publications.

Current activities and targets

  • Analytical survey of international legal and regulatory landmarks aimed at setting human rights standards for business

  • Mapping salient risks for our stakeholders on business activities and value chain

  • General code of conduct and organizational guidance

  • Overview and proposition of reporting tools and indicators

  • Webinar on human rights and inclusion promotion (October 2022)

  • Position Paper (November 2023)




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